By Upasana Gupta

We’re well aware how ruthless the heat is this summer and it’s showing no signs of leaving. So now that leaves us Dilliwaalas with two options- stay cooped up in your air-conditioned rooms or step out and enjoy the fantastic and old-gold fixes that the city has for you!

Here’s our list of few summer fix ups and where to find the best of them!


Where | Motelal Ki Dukan, Chandni Chowk {turn right after the Sheeshganj Gurudwara}

What’s so special?  This 82 year old little establishment has been the favorite for the last 4 generations of my family & I’m sure many more who are well-acquainted with the charm of old Delhi. The purity in their lassi preparation, the sweetness not just in the drink but in the smile of the owner, the perfect {no more & no less than required} layer of malai paints the perfect lassi mustache for all those who treat it as a sign of good lassi, like myself! 


Where | Kuremal ki kulfi, Sitaram Bazaar 

What’s so special?  The amazing variety of flavors {mango, fig, phalsa, malai, guava to name a few} and the fact that each one just gets better than the other. The packaging, which can easily be carried around unlike typical stick kulfis. We love the malai {cream} and it tastes amazing coupled with a quarter bite of the pomegranate. Established more than 100 years ago, it serves the best kulfi I have had so far. 


Where | Lovely Chuski, India Gate

What’s so special? The kaala khatta at Pappu Shikari’s chuski stall. Though this guy is quite the moody one and pulls off a disappearing act or two, his popular ‘lovely chuski’ song in his animated voice & the lovely gole ka paani is definitely worth a shot. He can usually be found post 9 pm around the India Gate ice cream waalas. Nothing beats the heat like flavors on ice!

#4 BANTA- Nimbu Paani a.k.a ‘KANCHA’

Where | All over Delhi {Prince Paan GK, Connaught Place, Ved Prakash Chandni Chowk to name a few}

What’s so special? The pop-goes-the-marble fun effect, the refreshing shikanji taste, stored in a cheap thrill ice box. The sweet-sour taste completely rejuvenates a summer sucked feeling into being prepared again to endure the heat.



Summer comes each year, and yes, it lasts for too long! But it’s not going anywhere, and if you don’t have a fancy holiday planned, it isn’t too hard to beat the heat.

Do keep us in the loop if you come across anything more that brings respite to the heat woes at