The Escape Festival, held on 18th-21st May, was truly an eclectic experience for the people who had the opportunity to escape with some fabulous artists, who came together to create a very special atmosphere in this year’s edition of the festival. Divided over two stages, spanning genres of singer-songwriter/ acoustic/ sufi/ classic rock on one stage to electronic/ metal and rock on the other stage, attendees were exposed to a variety of acts, some exciting new emerging talent such as Shantanu Pandit, Jordan Johnson and Ox7gen, alon with stalwarts such as Lou Majaw, Valentine Shipley, Skinny Alley among others. The standout memories from the soulgarden stage included Dr. Madan Gopal Singh’s sufi performance which gave the audiences goosebumps, finally invoking them to get to their feet and dance, Skinny Alley who as usual displayed their musical flair with great taste and the performances of Antoine and Jordan Johnson. On the Magic Forest stage, the ambiance was very different with certain dark, brooding vibes encircling the audience. Amongst the rock and metal acts, Bhayanak Maut delivered their set with relentless vengeance of a well-oiled machine, particularly in light of their upcoming gig, where they open for Lamb of God, Another Vertigo Rush induced the crowd into an almost trance like state often with their ethereal atmospherics and stunning visuals. Scribe though beset with stage problems such as a light failure and the precarious nature of the stage delivered a good set as one would expect. Amongst the electronic acts, the standouts would have to be Autolaser and Ox7gen for their dubstep and drum & bass beats which had the crowd dancing, and Pouskari and Filthy Tomo.

What made the festival special was the vibe, people across all age groups, with diverse tastes in music all in the same festival. A complete freedom to enjoy the festival, facilitated by the surprising lack of any security inside the resort, was very important in making people truly “experience escape”.

Here are some pictures from the festival:

Photos by Shiv Ahuja