By Radhika Gupta

The World Wide Web is one of the best “places” to explore cities, things and discover people and their opinions. Blogophile Radhika Gupta gives us ‘The List’ of  dot-com reads on food, technology, society & culture. And for when you decide to shut your laptops, there’s also a recommendation of a pop-up store all the way from Mumbai for us Dilliwaalas! Read on, Dilli…


A great new discovery is Pamela Timmon’s blog on Delhi street food- a definite bookmark for every Delhi foodie! Pamela is a journalist by trade and has spent the last four years delving into the history of Indian street food. She also writes a baking column for Mint, so the blog  chronicles both her adventures in old Delhi and recipes for cupcakes. An interesting mix, but all in all, a very satisfying result. Dotted with charming  photographs, informative facts and  delicious recipes, the research is faultless and amazingly comprehensive. A sure fire addition to any foodie’s list . Check it out at


Guy Trebly, has been writing for the Style section of the New York Times for the last decade, and has been coming to India ever since. Here, he recounts a moving journey to the Sri Ramanathaswamy on Rameswaram island in Tamil Nadu, India. Do not miss the charming homestay recommendations at the end of the article | 


Beauty is in the eye of the app! An iPhone application that measures how ugly a person is  showing up the ugly side of human nature.  A warning against the perils of social media and excessive voyeurism, read more below.,0,3581480.column


Models vs. Militants: Nisha Pahuja’s Film “The World Before Her” shows two worlds of Indian women; one through a beauty contest hopeful, and the other a Hindu fundamentalist, and throws up the extremist roles women are forced  to conform to in a changing India. Read the full review below.


Dead ends and bizarre twists….The tragedy of the Arushi Talwar case continues four years on. This succinct Tehelka article asks some important question and wisely concludes that we should make up our own minds.


Its the season of pop up stores! Le Mill, the Mumbai based concept store, is hosting its first ever Delhi pop up store at Olive. Drop by for a mix of fashion and home by the likes of Alexander Wang, The Row and Philip Lim. There’s also a range of Cutler and Gross sunglasses, modern furniture, cushions and great gift ideas such as salad servers etc. Its a nicely packaged dose of French living curated by the owner Cecilia Morelli Parikh. On till the 8th of May at Olive, Mehrauli {One Style Mile}.


About the Author | Radhika Gupta trained as a lawyer and a journalist, but decided she couldn’t bear to be chained to a desk! Following her passions for Art, Travel and Design, she started Moon River, one of India’s premiere home & fashion concept stores. She now spends her time between New Delhi and New York and loves to chronicle the changing landscape of the World and the going-ons of her two homes.

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The former events manager, and PR and Marketing executive decided to give up the good life, to take on something greater- running her own start-up. Give her a non-fiction book, some place in the outdoors, running shoes, Bombay Bicycle Club and Jay Z, and you've got a happy camper.

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