By Suchita S. 

Hauz Khas Village has become the epicenter of cafes and restaurants in Delhi. Over the past six months, at least 15 different eateries have opened their doors in random corners and floors of this erstwhile boho-haven, which has now become a muddled citadel of restaurants. Anyhow, as my trips to HKV become increasingly infrequent, one of the few places I look forward to eating at is Futomaki. Hidden in a tiny alley on the walk from Delhi Art Gallery to Flipside Cafe, chances are you’ve missed this joint in your visits to HKV. But I tell you Dilliwaalas, this tiny little shop serves some of the best sushi in town!!

Futomaki was set-up last November and I’ve been frequenting it ever since. It’s not a sit down restaurant, so you can choose from the sushi on display, and carry out your plastic box of Japanese awesomeness! A friend and I stood on the street and laid out our little sushi picnic {napkins, chopsticks et all} on some random shops wall, and devoured 6 massive pieces of the tempura veg-roll. A little gyaan here- Futomaki translates to thick sushi rolls, so size wise they’re a lot bigger than what you’ll find at Set’z or 360 or most other places that serve good sushi. But because it’s sushi on-the-go, 3 pieces of futomaki and you’ll be happily filled. The rolls are prepared by Japanese couple Momoko & Kosuke and like most home-made traditional meals, the sushi they serve is fuss-free, delectable, fresh, with an interesting combination of flavours. Special mention here- the Traditional Granny Roll. The filling is spinach dressed with sesame, egg omlette, shiitake in flavoured sweet soy sauce, and this is one fantastic roll to say the least. The flavours compliment each other beautifully. This is probably the one type of roll where I’m not dipping my sushi in soy sauce- a pinch of wasabi and I’m good to go! My other favourites- Salmon Roll & Tempura Veg roll.

Now, the best part- this is value for money at its best. 6 pieces of mouth-watering futomaki will cost you anything between 280- 340 inr, which makes my wallet very happy! Good food, good price, without the clutter of a HKV restaurant- I’m one happy camper with my sushi on-the-go :)

Notes in our {Little Black Book}

What | Futomaki for Sushi On-the-go

Where | Shop 13 A, Hauz Khas Village | # 011 26561214, +91 9560183447

Timings | 12 noon- 8 pm, closed on Monday

When you want sushi that’s value-for-money, on the go, and fills you up.

Starts at 280 inr to 340 inr

PS: They can also make fillings as per your tastes and preferences, and add/subtract whatever you want. Check it out!

Also on the menu | Tempura Prawn Roll, Teriyaki Chicken Roll, Sweet Soysauce Kimpira Roll, Crispy Fried Paneer Roll

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aditya says:

all good things must come to an end :( futomaki is shut, permanently, that’s what it looks like.

Suchita Editors says:

Breaks our heart :( How we loved their food!

Suchita says:

:) Let us know what you think! 

Gayatridahiya says:

And this reaffirms why I love LBBD–for these cutesy, crisp, and informative posts on places and things and people in my city, that I never knew existed.  I’m checking out Futomaki for sure.