By Ajita Banerjie

It’s empty in the valley of your heart

The sun, it rises slowly as you walk

Away from all the fears

And all the faults you’ve left behind…

Listening to my favorite Mumford and Sons song, we drive through the beautiful winding roads leading to Mussoorie, they sire a wave of nostalgia. Having grown up in a place so serene, so enchanting, so simple and divine is overwhelming. It’s drizzling and the sky has almost all the colors of the rainbow. I’m falling in love, all over again.

We are driving to Landour, a lesser-known town uphill from Mussoorie, to meet a few friends. Making a stop at ‘Lal Tibba’, the highest peak in Mussoorie, which has the most alluring view to offer, we walk to ‘Char Dukan’ which {as the name gives away} is a bunch of four cafes lined along the hills with the most delicious food.

From freshly made chocolate waffles, pancakes and steaming hot maggi, to the divine herb-cheese pizzas and masala omelets, the menu has everything you need for an ideal hill station day.  Not to forget the amazing cold coffee to top it all.

It’s still drizzling and the rustling leaves fall on the ground as we tread forward. We meet some friendly locals on the way who exchange warm smiles and fill you with instant admiration for the place; so pure, so tranquil, so unruffled, it fills your heart with so much compassion.

On our way back we make a stop at ‘Doma’s’, a Tibetan Hotel-cum-restaurant with the best momos ever! And as we drive back to the town, feeling so much at peace, we look outside the window and spot a rainbow! And if you think this is perfect wait till you spot two of them together, like we did. {Yes, it was one of those days!} Moments like these make you believe that nothing in life could ever go too wrong.

If you want to be enthralled by the mere beauty of a place and be away from the hustle of the city, it’s the perfect place to go to.

Rustling Leaves,

How silently they tumble down

And come to rest upon the ground

Content to sleep, their work well done

Colors gleaming in the sun

Exhausted drop to the earth below,

To wait, like children for the snow.

Getting there | Train/Volvo to Mussoorie, drive to Landaur {an hour max.}. If you’re up for it, the walk is stunning.

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akshita says:

planned a trip to landour immediately after reading this..going this weekend. will share my experience :)

upasana Editors says:

Lovely to hear that, Akshita. It’s really a beautiful place and you’ll find perfect weather there these days.
Have a good weekend and yes, do share your experience!

jig says:

Love love love that place. Remarkable how clean it is as well, unlike the other hill towns which have been sullied by mass tourism. Climbing to the top of Flag hill was one of my favorite things, as was the evening walk on the side of the hill where the graveyard is. Sisters’ bazaar is quite cute as well!

Supriya Suri says:

Brings back sooo many sweet memories. Up in the hills in Landour stands my school lodge “The Prospect Lodge” of St. Thomas’ School. The Sunday mass at the Church, walks to “Chaar Dukaan” for chai, maggi and cheese toast. Walking down to “Lal Tibba” to peep into the binoculars for a splendid view of the valley. Good to see Chaar Dukaan is bustling with people and the small shops have become “Cafes”. Going up to the “haunted house” to see what makes it so… Meeting legendary author Ruskin Bond on his daily evening walk… Good old days. Thank you so much for sharing this and letting me relive those beautiful moments.

upas says:

Thank you Supriya! Feels doubly good to have someone understand the charm of a place like this :) 

Stay tuned and stay in touch