Little Black Book Delhi and Random House India love the written word. We held a writing competition, ‘Writer’s Bloc’, from 20th May to 20th June, and asked participants to send us in their entries keeping nostalgia as the theme. The entries included original poems, works of fiction or non-fiction, short stories, or screenplays.

The editors at Random House India have been tirelessly going through all the entries over the past few weeks, and after much reading, discussion and deliberation, they’ve finally reached a verdict!

In random order, here are the TOP 10 entries Random House India editors selected from the 350+ entries we received.


A Prophet Without Honour by Gowri Kishore

A Sylvan memory by Shruti Mehrotra

Making up by Sandhya Menon

Mannat by Meghna Talwar

Bound to Memories by Reethira Kumar

Chicken Biryani is a Bonus by Pervin Saket

Kindred Spirits by Lubin Lukas

Old Dogs by Akshay Rana

Second Chances by Neha Malude

Wedding Silks by Arundhati Venkatesh


And finally, the WINNERS of Writer’s Bloc, 2013 are: Meghna Talwar and Neha Malude. 

Congratulations to all the TOP 10 entries and our winners of course! And THANKYOU to all the participants who sent across their essays and posts for ‘Writer’s Bloc, 2013′.

Till the next one, write on!


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