By Radhika Gupta

There’s a stereotype associated with designer wear; it’s all things uber decadent, flamboyant and extravagant. If that were true, then designers and labels, in a way, could find their perfect match in cups of crème brulee, raspberry white chocolate mousse, mille fuille and hazelnut dacquoise.

For us, fashion and food go hand in hand, and we’re bringing together our two true loves. If you’re in the mood for indulgence, we’re going to be hitting all the right spots with this feature.

Presenting pret & haute couture, with a cherry on top.

Velvet Goddess

PicMonkey Collage Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi’s collection often uses velvet as a fabric in its various hues. His artisanal designs are given a luxe and decadent feel through this rich fabric, the same feeling you get when you sink your teeth into a moist red velvet cupcake. In times of celebration, when immediate gratification is the only order of the day, there’s no feeling like being wrapped up in some, or a lot of red velvet.


Textures Interplay

PicMonkey Collage rohit+rahul

Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna design garments that have a distinct matt finish or a slight sheen to them, and are primarily monochromatic black and white. Kind of like the delicious and distinct alternating layers of chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. The duo’s famous pret-a-porter line is synonymous with comfort and chic, much like this ‘loved by all’ dessert, comfort food since time immemorial.


Spunk Meets Zest

PicMonkey Collage masaba

Masaba keeps it light and airy with free flowing and light fabrics, sort of like a melt in the mouth dessert that hits your sweet spot, without being heavy and decadent. Her designs are ideal for the summer – casual for the day, and chic for the night! A fluffy and tangy lemon cheesecake captures the essence of Masaba’s understanding of how comfort and class go hand in hand. A casual afternoon at a cafe, or an end to a perfect date, lemon cheesecake offers a freshness, comparable to the effervescence and vibrant take on fashion by Masaba.


Old World Charm with a New Age Dressing 

PicMonkey Collage anamika

Old world charm meets new world trend with Anamika’s designs, quite like we’ve topped off our granny’s classic waffles with a dollop of white chocolate and fresh berries. Anamika’s forte lies in giving traditional designs and fabrics a new lease of life through unconventional drapes, as seen in her rendition of the saree and lehenga. In your closet, velvet meets net, and intricately woven embroidery adorns silk chiffon. As for your plate, the doughy texture of waffles flounces magnificently when dipped in lemon curd and crystalised ginger.


La Mode Fashion & Fad Food 

PicMonkey Collage manish

Manish Malhotra plays with strong and bright colors, sequins, tassels and free flowing silhouettes. Designing the boldest and trendiest of the lot, his designs find their perfect match in multiple colors and flavors of the macaroon. From embellishing the windows of pastry shops, to arriving in gorgeous boxes as party favors, these bite size novelties play their role to the hilt – giving any dessert or even box a bold personality of its own.


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Red Velvet Cake | Elma’s, Chez Nini, Ambrosia, Cafe DIVA, Addicted

Ice Cream Cake | Ambrosia

Lemon Cheese cake | Diva

Waffles | E Cafe Emporio, Whipped

Macaroons | L’Opera, The Oberoi Patisserie

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Urvi says:

Lovely juxtaposition of culinary delights and fashion..

Sheetal says:

This piece is a great idea, Radhika! : )

But, location, location, location please!
And, which Cafe Diva? There are 3 branches I know of..

sonica says:

where is ambrosia, details pls..

upasana Editors says:

Hi Sonica,
You can call Radhika Gupta on 9899658020 to place an order and to get details. They are based in Friends Colony.