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Things to do | 2nd to 5th October

ON THROUGH THE WEEKEND DRINK What: Oktoberfest is on, boys and girls, enjoy exclusive deals on beer, beer buckets, special German beers and signature German food. Where: Find a deal and restaurant...

On the Right Track | The Aftermath by Guillotine

By Kartik Mahajan Regardless of what anyone says or thinks, the fact of the matter is that of all the western and western influenced music that we listen to in the country, heavy metal is by far the most...

Luxury on the Highway | Dusit Devrana

By Aditi Datta Water water everywhere, and there’s a bar to drink! Our curiosity was piqued when we saw the elegant sign en route to the airport. But as is often the case with highway heroes, it took us a...

Two Weeks Notice | 29th September-13th October

Every fortnight, we staffers present our guide to what’s happening in and around the city. FILM SCREENINGS | Zohra Segal on Zohra Segal Lottery of Birth | The film is the first in a three-part...

One String Attached | Bungy Jumping in Nepal

By Rashi Wadhera As we go on to give you the 411 on when and how this works, we have one minor obstacle to get out of they way. The name of the resort. When you hear it, and then associate it with bungee...

New in Town | Naya at Anya Hotel

By Aditi Datta A legitimate use of the word ‘literally’ – our new restaurant for this spotlight is Naya. It’s the brand new all day dining joint at Anya, which isn’t an anagram, but the new{ish}...

Fancy a Dress Up? | Alpana Traders in Sarojini Nagar

By Rashi Wadhera Long gone are the days of fancy dress parties, homemade outfits, and best costume awards {best feeling}. As adults, although some of us have discovered role play complete with costumes of a...

This Week at LBB | Our Fair Delhi

Since we spoke last, the food took a backseat {about time}, save for the amazing burgers we learnt over at Grub Club at Hungry Monkey, and if you include LBB representing at NRAI as food, then I guess we're...